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Hope 313 oleh Kurniawan Muhammad

In every general election such as the Mayor Selection has group of undecided voters. They are non-ideological voters whom do not relate with any parties. Finally, they still use their suffrage and usually do not choose based on the party or ideology. They just observe the track record and figure’s life.

They are group of people who is in medium to top. For example, they just exposed mass media and well-educated people. As netizens who are active in social media to get up-to-date information.

According to the last experience, undecided voters seemed in Governor DKI Jakarta 2017 Selection that made the couple of Ahok and Djarot is lost. They might be influenced of Ahok’s negative issues as he insulted the Islam religion. Finally, in the second round the undecided voters decided to choose Ahok’s rival, Anis Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno.

How are undecided voters in Malang?
The group of undecided voters is different from abstain group. Each of them has side by side. They are not from grass root people. They are from educated people who heard online issue and mass media.

How many people are as undecided voters in Malang?
Based on survey in the Mayor Selection for this time, undecided voters group around 10-20%. They were choosing, but they did not know who the couple would be chosen by them.

In Malang, this group may be determine who will be the winner. First, the three couple candidates have registered in the General Election Commission Malang. They have grass root way to attract people. Moch Anton with PKB party, NU people and his social activity such as pengajian event with the mothers group, pedicab driver, and dhuafa people; they was given gifts by Anton. This activity was done before Anton became the Mayor Malang. Ya’qud Ananda Gudban with PDIP party did her social activity to visit her constituents. For Sutiaji became public speaker as talk around the people environment, sermon in the mosques.

As the result, they have strength to attract undecided voters group. Because of their votes may be the winning factor of them. Second, they always become figure news in any media. It relates with their daily activities (can be hoax or not). It often becomes the power gun to influence public opinion.

Who are the potential candidates that catch the undecided voters’ attention?
Anton has easy talking and simple person. Ya’qud Ananda Gudban has her intellectual to get attention the well-educated people. Sutiaji has humanist personal and his beautiful voice.

From all the reason, track record and the fgure’s curriculum vitae are very important to see. Because of undecided voters group is smart and critic people who observe the candidate fform mass media or social media.

For twice the Mayor Selection in Malang, the number of abstain group around more 40% in last five years ago exactly in Malang Regency on 2015 and Malang city on 2013.

How will the undecided voters take part for the Next Mayor Selection later?


By: Kurniawan Muhammad
Translator: Heni Rahamayanti